Goal setting and priorities

I don’t like housecleaning, so (right or wrong) it tends to get pushed lower on my priority list than fun things like playing with my kids, socializing, cooking and working. Now, we don’t live in a pig sty, but there are definitely times that the floors could use a good mopping and the toilets aren’t quite sparkling. Can I just say: those time-delay bleach tablets (affiliate link) are brilliant.

At the same time, a (very) clean house is a priority for my husband. As a relatively new stay-at-home wife and mom, I was feeling the pressure that I needed to be doing everything – even the deep cleaning that is overwhelming to get done regularly with a hairy dog and small children in the house. And for the moment, I do need to do it. But in one recent conversation, Charles pointed out that he could care less who does the cleaning, as long as the house is regularly clean (and he isn’t the one doing it on a consistent basis).

Our light bulb moment: If I am making an income working from home, we can afford to hire a house cleaner to come in a few times per month.

That conversation meant that one of the first goals we prioritized is paying for a house cleaner. If I can spend a few additional hours on the computer working and save a few hours cleaning and a lot of stress, that is fully worth it to us!

This first goal with my new business ventures is somewhat frivolous on the surface. Yes, it would be more financially frugal to not hire a house cleaner and to clean myself. But it’s not worth the marital discord.

I’m not paying for a house cleaner. I am paying for marital peace and to show respect to my husband.

Women are notorious for putting the needs of the family at the expense of ourselves. While we are called to be helpmeets, we are not called to be martyrs. So many women, myself included, inadvertently end up burned out and overwhelmed as we try to do-it-all. Sometimes, this is necessary, to earn enough money to pay the household bills. But sometimes we play the martyr when we don’t need to, as husbands and children get new clothes and other things and mom gets hand-me-downs.

Being a helpmeet looks different for all of us. In our house, paying a house cleaner from my wages helps to meet my husbands needs, provides greater peace in our marriage and reduces my stress.

Have you set goals for your business? Are any of them non-traditional goals that assist you in being a helpmeet in your house?

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