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4 Simple Ways to Talk About Your Business | HelpMeetYourGoals.com

4 Simple Ways to Talk About Your Business

Welcome, we are so glad you decided to join us! Have you ever asked yourself, “Should I start a business or freelance career? Can I do that while still prioritizing my family? How do I practically go about choosing a business and getting started? To get answers, check out our workbooks, Firmly Planted and Business […]

When you should work for cheap | HelpMeetYourGoals.com

You shouldn’t work for cheap. Except when you should.

“You shouldn’t work for too cheap.” If you’ve spent any time reading about entrepreneurship or freelancing, you have heard that phrase. (Side note: This primarily applies to service businesses, but don’t discount the value of your time in a product-based business). However, a rather large percentage of the people who give that advice did start […]

Turn your super power into a business | HelpMeetYourGoals.com

Turn Your SuperPower into a Business

In our workbook, Business Genesis: Brainstorming, Financing, Marketing & Prioritizing, we explain the importance of running a business that you truly enjoy. It should be something that you’re passionate about… and it helps if you’re also good at it. Identify your superpower When brainstorming business ideas, a great place to start is by identifying your […]

Collebetition: Peers as valuable collaborators, not competition


Collabe- what? Collabetition. It’s a combination of  collaborate and competition. Instead of viewing other people in your industry with the same job description as competition, consider collaborating with them to grow both of your businesses. It’s natural for me to be a little competitive… okay, maybe not a little… maybe a lot. Anyway, when I […]

Black Friday sale | HelpMeetYourGoals.com

Small Business Saturday Sale! (ends Monday)

Have you been considering purchasing the HelpMeetYourGoals workbooks? Now is the time! The annual Small Business Saturday blowout sale is on now. Get 50% off both workbooks until Monday, December 2. Firmly Planted: A Woman’s Role in Business Rooted in the Bible examines whether or not starting a business is right for you, right now. […]